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The power of social media presence of musicians

By on 16/06/2017

Recently I’ve been thinking more about the responsibilities that musicians have in bringing about social change. It formed the basis of one of my articles back in February – There has been so much more since that it already needs a more UK-centric update which will happen soon Today it got me thinking as […]

Captain Murphy Drops the Duality AV Mixtape

By on 14/11/2012

Who the fuck is Captain Murphy? This rapper appeared a few months ago and is affiliated with Adult Swim and Brainfeeder. Like Doom he has used a cartoon as the basis for his identity – taken from Adult Swim’s Sealab 2021. He has just dropped his mixtape – known as Duality¬†– its a 35 minute […]

Why is music so important to us?

By on 22/05/2012

Music is inherent to nature, it (in a form) predates humans – birds have always sang as communication as well as the tunes of the humpback whale and the sonar of dolphins. The very universe itself down to the vibrational waves of motion that could be considered musical and harmonious. Music is interwoven into what […]

Fried My Little Brain Interview Ahead of Jamais Vu Launch

By on 19/02/2012

Ahead of tonight’s launch party of Jamais Vu at The Horse & Groom I once again did an interview for Fried My Little Brain online Magazine   Rather than a usual interview I posted up some of random YouTube videos with everything from my favorite music videos right now to a short film told from […]