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Captain Murphy Drops the Duality AV Mixtape

By on 14/11/2012

Who the fuck is Captain Murphy? This rapper appeared a few months ago and is affiliated with Adult Swim and Brainfeeder. Like Doom he has used a cartoon as the basis for his identity – taken from Adult Swim’s Sealab 2021.

He has just dropped his mixtape – known as Duality – its a 35 minute audio visual mixtape with production from the likes of Samiyam, Flying Lotus, Just Blaze, TNGHT & Madlib.

This mixtape is something special – Murphy’s deep voiced flows at pilfered over pitch shifted 60 / 70s samples, there is a very psychedelic vibe to the mixtape. Where the mixtape shines is in the video. It has a real grindhouse movie vibe to it. It is based around Murphy becoming a cult leader and it goes through the lessons in running your own cult. There are many snippets from movies as well as video clips from cults like The Heavens Gate, along with this there is plenty of psychedelic colours, adult swim style animation of Murphy’s laughing head, video or porn, devil worship, voodoo. One of the tunes has a quick fire flash montage of some of the greatest cult movies of the last few decades like Bill & Ted, Scanners, Videodrome, Big Trouble in Little China, They Live, Altered States, and Repo Man. This is something different

The rumour mill will be running like crazy as to CM’s identity. His Twitter and YouTube pages have blown up with no promotion

Check the Duality mixtape at – please note is very NSFW