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Responsibility of musicians in bringing about social change

By on 09/02/2017

Music pervades every part of society, it breaks boundaries, backgrounds and brings them together. It transcends language and is an industry so important to our lives that it’s worth more than the pharmaceutical industry. Music has the power to be weld as a tool to bring people together and to educate   What role can […]

Pay to play DJ sets – a curse on club land

By on 26/03/2014

I’ve been a DJ now for about 12 years and in that time I have played at many of the major London clubs. Before and during I was a promoter so I feel like I’m pretty experienced in the ins-and-outs of London club land and many of the difficulties involved. The art of DJing is […]

Why is music so important to us?

By on 22/05/2012

Music is inherent to nature, it (in a form) predates humans – birds have always sang as communication as well as the tunes of the humpback whale and the sonar of dolphins. The very universe itself down to the vibrational waves of motion that could be considered musical and harmonious. Music is interwoven into what […]