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The power of social media presence of musicians

By on 16/06/2017

Recently I’ve been thinking more about the responsibilities that musicians have in bringing about social change. It formed the basis of one of my articles back in February –

There has been so much more since that it already needs a more UK-centric update which will happen soon

Today it got me thinking as I saw an article today in Time magazine that Katy Perry has become the first ever person to reach 100 million Twitter followers – 

The power of that reach is just extraordinary and could be used to do some amazing good in the world.

It got me curious as to look at Twitter Counter for the most followers –

Just looking at the top 20 – 12 of those are musicians. People like Justin Bieber, J.Lo, Britney Spears and Ariana Grande also appear with followers in the 10s on millions

That is some serious reach they have

Lets hope they use some of that power for the greater good