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Tendai – Drum ‘n’ Bass Love 2021 Mix

Tendai = drum 'n' bass love mix 2021

By on 14/02/2021

The Tendai Love mix saga continues. Every year on valentines day I drop a drum ‘n’ bass mix where every track has the word love somewhere in the title.  

252 love songs later and the love mix is back in for its 8th edition This year’s edition features tracks from Calibre, Krust, Echo Brown, J Majik, M-Beat & more  

There are stream and download links as always

Mix Stream



  Please also see the links to the other 4 editions of the Love mix all available for stream or download:


Tendai – Drum ‘n’ Bass Love 2019 Tracklist

Switch – Your Love

Anth M – Be Loved

Bassnatic – Love Is Not A Duty

Simple Souls – Sweet Love

Msdos & Subsid – Funk Love

Chillhomers – Kind Of Love

Maverick Soul – Lights Love

SMP & Matt Freeman – Unrequited Love (feat Wednesday Amelia)

Picota & Kumbh – Tender Love

Unreal – Deepest Love

Scott Allen – This Is Love (Command Strange remix)

Kendrick – Your Love

Dava – Unwanted Love

Mystific – In Paradise (No Ordinary Love)

Basic Forces – Your Love

Danny Wheeler – Love Back

Q-Project – Love You So

Rowpieces – I Give You All My Lovin’

Paper Dragon – Send Your Love (Emba remix)

Disrupta & Sl8r – Your Love

Calibre – Always Lovin You

Eastern Bloc – Want Some Love (33 Below remix)

Echo Brown – Love Won’t Do

Voltage – Natty Love (feat Sweetie Irie) Krust –

Antigravity Love

J Majik – My Love

M-Beat – Sweet Love (feat Nazlyn)


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