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Tendai – Drum ‘n’ Bass Love 2017 mix

tendai drum 'n' bass love 2017

By on 14/02/2017

Happy Valentines Day!!!! The Tendai Drum ‘n’ Bass Love mix is back for what was supposed to be a one off is now back for its 4th edition.

Dropping on valentines day each year the Tendai – Drum ‘n’ Bass Love mix has returned for a fresh new selection for 2017 – each track in the mix has the word “love” somewhere in the title.

This year’s edition has tracks from Calibre, Makoto, Goldie, DRS, Random Movement, LSB, CNOF, Satl and a whole lot more.

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Tendai – Drum ‘n’ Bass Love 2017 mix tracklist

Edward Oberon – I Can Love You
BrokenDrum – Falling In Love – Sheer Velocity Recordings
LSB – I Need Love – Soul:r
Calibre – Love Word Soul – Signature
Scott Allen & Jrumhand – Love So True – Fokuz Recordings
GLXY – All My Love – Vibe Inc
Mr. Joseph – Playing Love Games – Fizzy Beats
Dr. Meaker – Wanna Feel Love feat. Yolanda – Circus Records
CNOF – Tell Me You Love Me – Soul Deep Recordings
Simplification & Translate – Swing Love – Innerground Records
Marky & XRS – Distant Lover – Innerground Records
Submorphics – Burning Love (Lenzman Remix) – Liquid V
Phloem – Only Love – Influenza Media
Macca & Loz Contreas – Love Me – Fokuz Recordings
Al Pack – Latin Lover (Ji Ben Gong remix) – DNBB Recordings
Satl – Peace & Love – Ledge Sounds
CNOF – Make Love – Atmomatix Records
Urban Species – Spiritual Love (Makoto DnB Edit)
SATL – Peculiar Luv – Influenza Media
BMotion – All My Love (feat Jon Lilygreen) – Soulvent Records
Facing Jinx – Love You – Fokuz Recordings
Nymfo – Game Of Love – C.I.A Records
Josephs Perception & Temper Mental – Love & Justice – Physmatics Music
B4ssTee – Love Will Find The Way – Textures Music
Tydirion – I Love You – Greypost Audio
Sonic – Love Came In – Space Records
Rowpieces – The Love Connection – Liquid V
Random Movement – Love Nights – Innerground Records
DRS – This Ain’t Love (feat Calibre) – Soul:r
Goldie – What You Won’t Do For Love – FFRR (RIP Diane Charlemagne)

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