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BFI London Film Festival 2016: The Void Review

By on 16/10/2016

It was a few years ago now that I came across a proof of concept trailer for a movie called The Void that since then was forever etched into my consciousness. The trailer blew my friends and me away and was the topic of many horror movie conversations with its return to old school horror […]

The Wailing

BFI London Film Festival 2016: The Wailing Review

By on 15/10/2016

The Wailing is a new breed of horror movie…. In 2008 a unique serial killer movie was unleashed on the masses which forever changed the game – in the first 30 minutes of The Chaser the killer is caught and what unwinds after then is one of the most intense chase movies ever. That was my […]


BFI London Film Festival 2017: Goldstone Review

By on 13/10/2016

Goldstone opens with a montage of old photographs telling the history of Chinese settlers working during the gold rush in days far gone. This sets the tone of the Goldstone in that it is going to be deeply set in immigration & settlers and that it’s not going to be your typical thriller   It’s […]


London Film Festival 2016: Creepy Review

By on 11/10/2016

In 1997 a movie came out which for me changed the face of horror movies forever. The Cure was a new sort of slow burn which really established psychological horror movies in Japanese cinema and solidified the name of the director Kiyoshi Kurosawa. After further success in the horror movies with movies like Pulse he […]