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The Aerosoul Album

Aerosoul album cover

By on 02/06/2023

As you may know my good friend and CEO of the iconic Junglist Movement brand Leke has been in hospital for the most part of a year due to issues with a rare form of cancer.

This has taken its toll on not only himself, but his business and his family and a GoFundMe was set up to raise money for him and his family.

To raise further funds a compilation album has been released on Bandcamp from a variety of jungle drum ‘n’ bass artists such as Nookie, Double O, John B, Manix and Equinox.

This is a really great album of real beats and all proceeds go to Leke and his family.

You can listen to and purchase the album here

Go get it

01. Alaska – Aerosoul (2023 Remaster)
02. DJ Trax – Layers
03. Harmony – Optimistic
04. The Last Ronin – Mentwist
05. Deep Blue – Destroyer VIP
06. Seba – Love Cycle
07. Double O – Leke Funk
08. Nookie – Deeper
09. John B – Stay
10. Manix – Return To Belgium
11. Equinox – Summer Vibe
12. Madcap – Dedication
13. K-Super – Eternal Xtasy
14. Just Jungle – Stand Off Solid
15. Inertia -Serenity
16. ASC – Tears