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Snacks Not Included – my new film podcast

Snacks Not Included

By on 18/02/2023

Launching next month is my new project Snacks Not Included. A new film & TV podcast by myself Tendai together with filmmaker Abdi Omar aka Pistol Rock.


Snacks Not Included Podcast is a regular deep dive into the latest releases and classic film & TV. There will be plenty of art house, anime and worldwide cinema as well as Hollywood releases. Snacks Not Included is an anything goes podcast. There will also be plenty of guests passing through our doors, competitions, themed episodes, top 10s and movie news.


There’s no script, no affiliations. Snacks Not Included is a network for the people. Even if you’re not into the film or show being covered, the first half of each show will have news and reviews of the current goings on in film and TV land. We keep our reviews spoiler free and any spoiler sections are marked as such.

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