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The opening of Sweet Harmony: Rave Today at The Saatchi Gallery

Sweet Harmony

By on 12/07/2019

I had the pleasure of going to the private view of Sweet Harmony: Rave Today at the Saatchi Gallery. Its their new exhibition delving into rave culture through the lens of those who experienced it

Over more than 2 floors of the gallery there are spaces dedicated to the many aspects over different zones featuring art, photos and more.

Sweet Harmony Saatchi Gallery

Large scale photos and flyers from the 80s to today adorn the gallery spaces. As well as sculpture, installations, a record store and more.

Sweet Harmony Saatchi Gallery

It was a pleasant surprise to see photos from an old friend – Seana Gavin in the space documenting her time as part of Spiral tribe in the 90s and early 00s.

To top it off there is a fully functioning rave space in the gallery and there were DJs like Seth Troxler playing. To finish the night off was the launch of Fabio & Grooverider’s Rage album in the space. Seeing the dons playing at the Saatchi Gallery as quite an experience

Fabio and Grooverider

Sweet Harmony: Rave today is on at The Saatchi Gallery until September. Go check it!!!!