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Anne Marie Morris and Casual Racism

nigger in a woodpile

By on 11/07/2017

We live in the age of casual racism (and sexism for that matter). They are so acceptable in our society today that they run throughout our TV, media and even our politics

Both today Stormzy being mixed up with Lukaku by the Irish Herald and Tory MP for Newton Abbot Anne Marie Morris at some Euroskeptic Brexit talk stating to her peers that a no Brexit deal is a (and I quote)

“a real nigger in a woodpile”

without any rebuttal

She has been suspended for this (what she has termed) accidental outburst. Listening to the audio how can this be in anyway accidental

This is part and in some ways the Stormzy being mixed up with Lukaku is part in parcel of the casual racism in society today. How could she just be suspended for such inflammatory comments. This isn’t some slip of the tongue where she actually wanted to say “snigger”. She dropped an N-bomb completely casually in front of her peers to no rebuttal – her only accident in her mind is that she didn’t know it was being recorded

The term nigger in a woodpile goes back to the days of slavery in the 1800s where fugitive slaves would hide under woodpiles for transport in order to escape. On Sky News last night one of the correspondents talking about the papers next day (sorry I wish I remembered her name) almost tried to the justify Anne Marie Morris’ comments saying that it was the sort of term that her grandparents would use but they didn’t know the meaning behind it. Is she forgetting that there is an “nigger” in the beginning of the term!!!!!!!

Anne Marie Morris used it openly in a meeting of her peers and no one said a thing. She was only suspended rather than fired and is probably now a new alt-right poster child. She isn’t some celebrity who drops a N-bomb and ends up getting a slap on the wrists. She is an appointed public official and should be fired for these comments. As a politician she should held to a high regard in society in the same way that doctors can be brought to tribunal and fired for offences that others wouldn’t be.

Its this casual acceptance of racism that has fucked and divided this country and has led to an increase in racial abuse and allowing it to be acceptable

This has to end. People like Anne Marie Morris should be held accountable for their actions