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Tendai – Cognitive Space Public Service Announcement 2017

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By on 16/06/2017

Its been quite a while….this site has been offline for quite sometime but we’re back. Life has changed a lot and so will a lot of the focus of this site.

Although there will be plenty of mixes and things to do around town like always so many things have changed in society and in my life. What I think about on the day to day is quite different and such the focus of the articles on this site.

Whilst I’m typing this I’m looking at the tragedy with a heavy heart at the Grenfell Tower in West London – the levels are disparity in this country is so bad. Trump is in office. Extremism is on the rise. The UK is leaving the EU. The Tories are still in office with their austerity measures. The doomsday clock is at its closest to midnight that it has ever been

So whilst there will be a lot of the usual fun mixes, art & film on this site things will get serious as well. There will be a lot more socially conscious content too

More updates to come soon

One Love