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Legendary producer Run Run Shaw has passed away aged 107

By on 07/01/2014

It’s a sad day for cinema – the legendary Hong Kong movie producer mogul Sir Run Run Shaw has passed away at the age of 107



He started the Shaw Brothers studios in 1958 with his brother and its went on to become the largest film production company. They went on to produce over 1000 movies including many kung fu classics such as The One Armed Swordsman, The 36th Chamber of Shaolin, Blood Brothers, Legend of 7 Golden Vampires, Five Deadly Venoms, and 8 Diagram Pole Fighter


It was producers from his company who ended up giving birth to the legendary Golden Harvest company. Run Run Shaw also went on to produce some Hollywood productions including being Executive Producer on Blade Runner

He was the crowned godfather of Hong Kong cinema and will be missed


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