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Top alternative Christmas movies that you won’t see on other lists

By on 23/12/2013

Top alternative Christmas movies that you won’t see on other lists

I did an interview with Fried My Little Brain Magazine where I spoke about my favourite top alternative Christmas movies and thought it would be good to do an extended version on here, quite a few of these you won’t see on the usual lists.


Batman Returns

Okay, Batman Returns also appears on a lot of other lists, but its great. And with the shear amount of Christmas related movies that Tim Burton has made there has to be some of his on these lists


Black Christmas

This 1974 Canadian movie was the first slasher horror movie ever made and went on to inspire movies like Halloween & Friday 13th. Set in a sorority house that is terrorised by a killer. Get the 1974 version rather than the terrible 2006 version


Children of Men

Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity is tearing up the box office at the moment. His first English language movie is basically a retelling of the nativity tale but in the future and with guns


City of Lost Children

French scifi fantasy by Amelie directors Marc Caro & Jean-Pierre Jeunet film about a scientist who kidnaps children to steal their dreams with a hope to stop the aging process. From the opening scene with Santa you know this film is going to delve into the strange


Die Hard

Ok this is on a lot of other Christmas list as well – but its hard to leave it off


Eastern Promises

This violent David Chronenberg movie about a midwife who tries to track down the family of a unknown woman who dies in labour at Christmas and ends up getting embroiled with the Russian mob.


The French Connection

Exorcist director William Friedkin 1971 Oscar winning cop movie is actually set at Christmas. The great opening scene as Gene Hackman chase down a criminal in a Santa costume



Its Christmas Eve and this black comedy follows 3 intertwined stories of Drug, raves, strippers, gambling, shootouts, cops, chases and much much more!!!!


He-Man & She-Ra Christmas Special

To lightened things a little: if you grew up in the 80s and didn’t see this you missed out. It’s Christmas in Eternia and He-Man and She-Ra were in the episode together. I had this on videotape and would watch it every Christmas and now its online here in full for your view pleasure


Inside (À l’intérieur)

We’re going to take you into those murky waters. This French horror is about A heavily pregnant single mother who is home alone at Christmas and is being stalked by a crazed killer who is trying to steal her baby….its super scary


Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia Christmas Special

did you fuck my mom? from a on Vimeo.

This is the funniest show on TV and their Xmas special took it to new levels. The Santa did you fuck my mum scene was too funny


L.A Confidential

You don’t really think of this great cop drama as a Christmas movie, but it’s all about Christmas and the 3 cops are essentially the three wise men :P.


Lethal Weapon

Okay this film is loads of other lists but any film where there is a coke deal and shootout amongst Christmas trees has to go on here


Rare Exports

What would happen if you managed to capture Santa Claus and tried to sell him to the corporations but his elves weren’t very happy with it? This movie is the first Santa movie with helicopters, explosion and machine guns


Rambo: First Blood

Why has no one ever put this on their lists? It’s not Christmas if you can’t shoot people. Its not instantly visible but First Blood is set at Christmas time. Break out that DVD and watch Rambo on Christmas day

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