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London Film Festival 2013: Salvo Review


By on 22/11/2013

This Italian mob story tells the story of brooding Salvo (Saleh Bakri).  He is a mafia hitman who in the opening scene guns down some hitmen how have cornered him. Salvo gets one to talk who tells him that Renato hired them. He goes to his house to kill him in one of the best one take long shots as he traverses the house filmed in a long time, he comes across Renato’s blind sister Rita working in the basement. She doesn’t notice him and he waits in hiding for Renato to come home and kills him. He spares the sister but instead kidnaps her and keeps her in a room in an abandoned factory. He doesn’t know what to do with her as his bosses expected him to kill her.



Salvo’s group begin to suspect something is wrong and also has his encounter with Rita somehow started to return her eyesight?


There is little plot or dialogue in this movie and it relies as much on atmospherics as it does story. Much of the film is told within the room he is holding Rita hostage


In conclusion

Although the second half of the film is quite empty in place, this strange thriller / romance is gripping. Salvo was definitely not what I was expecting from a mob story. The dark and brooding cinematography is amazing and adds to the tension – the scenes of Rita’s POV are especially good.


Saleh Bakri is great as Salvo, he is one of those actors that don’t even have to say anything but can destroy with just a look and a stare


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