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London Film Festival 2013: New World (Sin-se-gae) Review

New World

By on 22/11/2013

What happens when you combine Infernal Affairs / The Departed with The Godfather and set it in South Korea? New World happens



The-New-World-2013-Movie-PosterNew World opens with a brutal torture scene that involves being force fed liquid cement and being buried at sea. This is our introduction to the Goldmoon Group – a conglomeration of criminal gangs and big business. Things go array for the group when the chairman dies in an accident which starts a power struggle for the various factions of the group. Ja-sing an undercover cop is the right hand man of Cheong the number 3 in the company. Together with Detective Kang they are trying to influence the outcome of the power struggle. Ja-sing is conflicted between his job as a police officer and that as a gangster


New World doesn’t add anything especially new to the undercover cop in the mob genre. What it is is an great and intelligent thriller that is more dialogue based then it is action based. When the action does kick off you won’t be disappointed – the film contains one of the most intense gang fights I have seen which had my mouth on the floor.


New World is more dialogue rather than story based is quite fresh and there are a wealth of characters.  It can sometimes get hard to keep up with everyone in the film, but at the same time its get that a movie can keep you on the edge of your seat with dialogue rather than constant action pieces. This is I Saw the Devil writer Hoon-jung Park’s second film as director and I can’t wait for what he comes with next


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