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London Film Festival 2013 Review: Why Don’t You Play in Hell (Jigoku de naze warui)

why don't you play in hell

By on 22/11/2013

Why Don’t You Play in Hell is a ludicrously funny and bloody movie. It caused the largest roar of clapping and cheer in the cinema. I haven’t seen a reaction like that at the end of a film for some time



Sion Sono has always been known for his envelope pushing movies from the controversial Suicide Club;  the incestual (if that is actually a word) Strange Circus; the 4 hour epic that is Love Exposure and the murderous family drama Cold Fish.


Why Don’t You Play in Hell is another addition to this. This fast paced movie about a movie never lets up and feels like you are watching a comic book on screen. WDYPIN tells the converged story if a group of amateur film makers called The Fuck Bombers who are trying to make their first epic movie, a battle between 2 yakuza gangs, a geek who finally meets the girl of his dreams, and a now grown child star Mitsuko who lost her job as the star of a toothpaste commercial due to her yakuza parents who has gone on the run from her latest film. The path of the stories cross over resulting in the blood soaked comedy romance.  It will have you laughing as much as crying during its hyper violent finale


Unlike his recent dramas Land of Hope & his post tsunami movie Himizu this Sion Sono movie is not to be taken too seriously but is meant to be enjoyed fully. I cannot remember the last time I laughed so hard at scenes of blood and gore so loudly…’s brilliant!!!


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