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Cognitive Space New Year Public Service Announcement

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By on 01/01/2013

First and foremost I’d like to say Happy New Year to all the readers of the site.

Its been a long time building this site and I can finally put my copy of “WordPress for Dummies” to rest. This year Cognitive Space will be coming into its own. I have many new projects & cross collaborations forthcoming as well as 2 new club nights that will be starting in February. I’ll be launching the Cognitive Space podcast soon as well as bringing some more mixes, the first of which will be dropping before the end of month with quite a special new drum ‘n’ bass mix before I decend in mixes of some genres I’m not so well known for. There will be plenty of new article content for 2013 as well as events news adn review all around London

Its going to be a good year

Thanks for listening