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……and the rant of the year award goes to Joey Diaz and his Mars rant

Joey Diaz

By on 28/12/2012

There is still a few days left of 2012 and my rant of the year award goes to the comedian Joey Diaz with his “fuck Mars” rant from the Joe Rogan Experience podcast

The criteria for the rant of the year is that its needs to be controversial as fuck and funny as fuck that is all, and Joey hits both in his rant about why we shouldn’t be spending all this money on going to Mars, how NASA is full of geeks, the problems with with the president, and then gets very controversial when it gets to issues of race

*disclaimer: I don’t agree with all his views but I do find him one of the funniest comedian around right now and if you haven’t guessed already the audio is NSFW*

For more Joey Diaz rantage check out his issues with micro housing rant. I think I should post up one of his rants each week – there so many and they are funny as hell