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Review: Asian Movies Meetup Group at The Roxy Bar and Screen

By on 03/11/2012

Meetup Groups are one of the recent greatest creations from the internet, they are such a good plaform for the bringing together of like minded people to get together and cross collaborate outside of the virtual world, whether it be a local chess club or a sports group anyone can start a group on the site

From the people that are currently in my opinion the two best distributors or Asian movies in the UK – Terracotta Distribution & Third Window Films have created the Asian Movies Meetup Group

The Meetup Group has been running for a few years now at many different venues – it started at The Peter Parker’s Rock & Roll Club in the West End, as it grew it moved to Barrio Central, but it quickly outgrew that venue and is now at its new home of The Roxy Bar & Screen in London Bridge (which was one of the cinemas featured in Cinematic London Part 1)

The Roxy is a great venue half way between a cinema and bar, it also has a real homely feel and serves up some great food. Its the perfect place for the Meetup Group.

The group is great because it really pushes to promote Asian movies rather than just showing films. The venue allows for an atmosphere where people can talk before and after the film, something which is not really possible in an cinema. The thing that is truly amazing about the Meetyup Group is its movie selection

The guys have really opened the gates when it comes to the choice of movies. I consider myself an Asian movies expert but the group has truly opened my eyes to Asian movies out there. Not only do they preview their future releases but they also have shown many rare and deleted movies like the North Korean Godzilla rip off Pulgasari and the George Lucas produced Mishima: A LIfe in Four Chapters

They regularly hold The Secret Japanese Meetup where they show a never before seen movies that you will no likely see anywhere else in the UK and are worth checking out.

They also have regular quizzes and giveaways. I won a copy of Big Tits Zombie at the last meetup. The meetup is also a source for everything that is Asian movies that is going on in London, the guys regularly keep you up to date with other screening that are going on around town like the London Korean Film Festival and the Zipangu Festival.

The one other thing that I also haven’t mentioned so far is the Asian Movies Meetup at The Rozy are always Free

If you are an Asian movies expert or just someone who wants an insight into them then the Asian Movies Meetup Group is for you and worth checking out

The deets

Asian Movies Meetup Group –
Roxy Bar & Screen
128 – 132 Borough High Street, London Bridge, SE1 1LB

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