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Some more random words from myself for Fried My Little Brain magazine

By on 24/08/2012

In what is becoming a regular feature – I’ve once again spoke some random words for Fried My Little Brain magazine together with accomanying Youtube clips – – in this issue I talk about MC DRS’ new track, Michael Jackson’s anti gravity lean, Cibo Matto’s video for Sugar Water and the much unknown 1st (and best of them all) movie adaptations of Marvel’s The Punisher made in 1989.  I just love it when a magazine give you the freedom to take about what you like rather than just music

In past issues I have spoken about things like bioenginnered artifical jelly fish, Odd Future, Mr Chi City, J Dilla, citizen news, Werner Herzog, mexican food and a whole host more. You can see the others here:

I can’t wait to do another one – I love these