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The Yellow Sea – after watching this I don’t need to see another movie again this year!!!

By on 09/11/2011

Its been a big year for movies – I’ve probably been to the cinema more times this year than any other, and with just under 2 months left of the year I can say its done – I’m not going to see another film this year that betters The Yellow Sea (Hwanghae)


I managed to catch it last night at the always excellent London Korean Film Festival. Yellow Sea is directed by The Chaser (Chugyeogja) director Hong-jin Na. With the same actors as The Chaser but with a reversal of roles – the film was amazing, a lot more brutal and relentless than The Chaser – its highly recommended . I am going to have a full lineup of reviews of movies I’ve seen recently in the film section – this will be one of them reviewed – hopefully it gets a wider cinema release soon in the UK or a quick DVD release – I really want to see it again


Here’s the trailer

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