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Back To The Future II – Nike Mags – The Dream Has Become The Reality

By on 17/09/2011

Being an avid Back to the Future fan I had two Back to the Future related goals as a youth:

1) to build a flux capacitor, and

2) to own a pair of Nike Mag

owning a Delorian would have been cool as well, but I’m not the biggest car fan. These dreams as I adult I thought were unfeasible until now!!! Nike have released the Mag!!!!

They are currently on sale for a week only on the Nike Mag eBay store. Shattering my dream there is only a limited number and they are being auctioned and looking so far the prices are hitting over $5000 per pair, but its all good – all the proceeds are going to the Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research


More details on the shoe can be found on the trainer Back 4 The Future website


I’d soooooooooooo love a pair of these trainers. I’d give myself Parkinsons to own a pair – I’d tell the foundation “forget my research grant just break me off a pair of those trainers, I no longer need help tying my shoe laces, the trainers are self tying” 😛